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Regular Towers

As mentioned before, these 20-storey towers are by no means average or in anyway “regular” as their name suggests. The size of apartments in each of these towers comes in 4 distinct sizes again, albeit smaller than those featured in the Premium Tower: 1920 sft., 1960 sft., 2060 sft., and 2100 sft. As with the Premium Tower, each one of these apartments features a Master Bedroom with two additional bedrooms, each with attached bathroom, with the master bedroom once again featuring a walk-in, this time a walk-thru closet. The Living and Dining areas together with the Drawing Room form the central core of these luxury living apartments at Aparna Sarovar Grandé, creating a vibrant flow of energy all its own.

Even in the absence of a Maid's Quarter, the Kitchen loses none of its functionality or appeal, with an extended Utility area for washing, drying and any other household chores that require such a separate space. Once again, as with the Premium Tower, the Balcony will be hard to tear yourself away from for the wonderful views it will continue to provide you, for years to come.